Saturday, 2 July 2011

Everybody has a love story of their own. Some would believe in a happy ending story just like fairy tales. But only few are lucky to find the right one. What’s unfair about life is that we never know if we already met the one but we just let them go.
 I always dream of a simple life having a job that I wanted, able to help my family and lastly to have someone to love and be loved. When that day comes, I know that I’ll be contented. The road ahead taught me something so complicated. Someone came along that from the beginning I knew that he’s the one. We've been through ups and downs of a coaster for six years. Yes, I’m more than happy when I’m with him. He’s my world! He shared a lot of things to me and even told me to engage to some sports for my own good but I’m too lazy to have one. He’s a man of goals. He never stops until he gets what he wants. His big dream is to be one of the Filipino Billionaire and to be known of having a successful business.
He compared himself to a balloon full of helium and me as a simple tree. This balloon has a very long string which is fastened to one branch of the tree. Like the balloon, his dream is so high as if there’s no string attached that may pull back. He may choose to fly and soar but I will just stay by the shore. He said that there will come a time that the balloon will run out of helium and it will just come back to the tree where it belongs. But I chose to free him from my branch because I know for a fact that we will never meet. Our goals contradict. He’s my dream but I decided to let him go just like a balloon. I came up to this decision but it doesn’t mean that I don’t love him nor I don’t care about how he’d feel because I know for a fact that I really do. I’m not sure if he will be back to me someday or he’ll be attached to a new tree. No regrets at all! Every moment that we’re together fulfills my every dream. I may not find another balloon with a long and strong string like yours attached to me, yet this simple tree will find its way to someone who will love her truly.